• 59112 Miles
  • 2.262L
  • 1953 Year Registered
Vehicle Description ......
FORD ZEPHYR MK1 Just in 1953 Small Bumper model An outstanding car of historical interest with only a few left Know to the club . This car comes with the original bill of sale from JH Swaffield and Sons Yeovil (still in business) on July 31st 1953 £810 14/6 (minus £155 14/6 for a Ford Prefect traded in!). I also have some correspondence between the owner in 1988 who was attempting to register the car with the original number plate and the DVLA who were digging their heels in because she had missed the cut off for converting the old green logbooks to DVLAs computer. The correspondence covers several months and includes written evidence from the membership secretary of Five Stars (Ford consul zephyr zodiac owners club) to DVLA testifying to the cars historic importance - finally culminating in DVLA acquiescing to keeping the reg number on 9.3.88.(non Transferable) also available period Caravan finished in the same colour. These cars were designed before motorways and in standard format were geared for A roads where a sharp burst of speed for overtaking was required but the top cruising speed didn't need to be high - hence they were under geared for todays motorways. therefore its had a correct period overdrive gearbox fitted by Zodiac Motor Services in Kent. This now effectively turns the three speed gearbox to six speeds with higher cruising capability. it has also had the half shafts replaced for towing. The bill for this was nearly £3,000. Also correct period tow bar has been fitted with new leaf springs,alternator conversion, all the brake pipes, wheel cylinders and brake shoes have been replaced, uprated 'tripod' headlights and new fuel filters. This bill was £2,500. Fitted with beige leather seats newt, top end West of England wool headlining One very sweet feature of this car is that the indicators are still the old fashioned semaphore 'trafficators' that work properly passing with a smile! 0This is one of the best driving mk1's you will get to drive.