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  • 1947 Year Registered
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47 PICK UP LHD IN ORIGINAL CONDITION AND FULL RECOMMISSIONED AS DESCRIBED FULLY UK REGISTRATION AND CURRENTLY UNDER GOING A 3INCH LOWERING OF THE FRONT AXLES FROM SIDS DROPPED AXLES USA, all the brakes, brake lines (metal and rubber), etc. everything in the brakes is new/rebuilt. Gas tank has been cleaned with a new fuel line run. Fuel pump rebuilt, carb rebuilt, distributor rebuilt. New plugs/wires/cap/rotor. One fan belt new, one used (Xiang could not find a new one in that size to save my life!). Radiator cleaned with new hoses. Thermostat tested. Generator rebuilt, new battery/cables/starter solenoid. Windshield and rubber gasket are new. 95% of the wiring is new. New exhaust. New tires. Intake/exhaust manifold gasket is new (original exhaust manifold was cracked so I replaced it). Oil/filter changed not long ago. All fluids checked, zerks greased and wheel bearings packed. NOW CLICK ON THE LINK AND TRACK IT PREVIOUS LIFE:- visit to see our other services including Restorations, Servicing and MOT's All Major Debit and Credit* Cards Accepted, *2.5% surcharge on credit card payments OPEN MONDAY - FRIDAY 0900-1700 SATURDAY 0900-1600 OUR CLASSIC CARS ARE NOT KEPT ON SITE SO PLEASE CALL TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO VIEW